Regions of Reflection

Competition Entry for the Long Island AIA

(For Notaro Grupp Associates with Marlon Juarbe)

Inspired to react to the tragic events of 9-11, Francisco entered a competition for a memorial which would represent all of Long Island.  The concept, “Regions of Reflection”, came about through a series of performance diagrams relating to the specific site and Long Island as a whole.  Analysis of the site proved an existing range of intensity from one end to the other.  The most intense point of the site happens to be the center of one of the campus quads.  In a parallel study, a mapping exercise of Long Island revealed the homes of the victims.  As one travels from Montauk to New York, this intensity increases; matching the intensity of the site.  The memorial concept “regions of reflection” was laid out using this information. To identify the different regions; the victims were coupled by the township they resided in.  The procession begins with private regions (Montauk); small pockets where individuals may reflect in solitude.  As one continues down the path, the township regions become more public as communities begin to form.  This culminates at the amphitheater region (NYC), where all visitors may reflect together over a salvaged piece of steel from the World Trade Center site.  Each victim is given a personal plaque with a corresponding light in the reflecting pool surrounding the region. 

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