Design Build 2003

Parsons School of Design

One of the single most important experiences an architect can have is to participate in the construction of a building.  2003 marks the first free standing building to be constructed in the design build program at Parson’s school of design.  The client for this particular project is Grand Street Campus Public High school (NYC public school system) by way of Take the Field. Take the Field is a non-profit organization focused on revitalizing debilitated New York City Public Schools’ track and field facilities in an effort to improve high school athletics as well as community involvement in the school system. 

The 600 sq.ft. building is located at the turn of the running track. Its tangential relationship with the curve of the track generates a perpendicular visual connection to the bleachers opposite the track. This relationship is furthered by the “portal feature” which serves as an entry point to the field.  The triangular space behind the building formed from this site placement is intended to be used for halftime team meetings. The large chalkboard on the rear façade encourages outdoor classes during the spring and fall.  The detached box on the southern end of the building serves as a concession stand to further promote activity around the building. The programmatic goal of this project was to make the user think differently about the possibilities of the typical mundane storage unit.  The materiality of this project (structural steel, metal deck, cor-ten steel and perforated aluminum cladding) is a contextual response to the surrounding industrial neighborhood.

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